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Navigating the Storm: Resolving Divorce Differences Without Going to War

Divorce. The word itself conjures up images of courtroom battles, emotional meltdowns, and scorched-earth tactics. But amidst the wreckage, amidst the storm of hurt and anger, there is often a sliver of hope: the possibility of resolving your differences with your soon-to-be ex-partner in a civilized and constructive manner. It's not always easy, of Read More

Summer Solutions & Child Custody

Whether you are starting the divorce process or it has already been finalized, you can always ask for a modification to your visitation schedule. When there is a signed agreement and court order (known as Stipulation and Order)  in place, your former spouse or partner may disagree. But your attorney can always advise you about how to proceed.  For those new to the process or just beginning, everything you want or Read More

Why The Date Of Separation Is Important

The date of separation is the marker of the end of the marriage. Why is this important? California is a community property state. When two people marry, they have equal ownership of all property, assets, and debts.  Everything before the date of separation is community property subject to equal division.  Secondly, the date of separation is also used to determine spousal support. If your spouse files for Read More

Know How And When To Use Emergency Custody

This is an option you have to protect your children. It doesn’t matter if you are newly separated or are divorced. If you are considering filing a request for emergency custody, then you are involved in a serious matter.  An emergency custody hearing is to ensure the safety of your child. We will go over some of the scenarios that would warrant an emergency custody hearing in a moment. But the purpose is to keep a Read More

6 Emotional Stages Of Divorce

One of the most contradictory concepts about divorce is that to make it easier, you will have to talk and negotiate with the very person from who you are trying to gain emotional distance from.  By recognizing the stages of how people mentally overcome a divorce, it might make it easier on both of you. For example, when you or your former spouse is expressing anger (stage 1), you could decide not to retaliate or Read More

How to Help Kids Adjust to Splitting Time Between Parents

Adjusting to life after a divorce is difficult for everyone involved. For children used to having one house, suddenly splitting their time between two households is a major adjustment. That is a two-way street - for parents used to having their children home all the time, suddenly spending time alone while they’re with your ex can be bizarre. For this article, we’re going to focus on the child’s side of things. If Read More

6 Tips for Avoiding Arguments During Divorce

The divorce process can be emotionally challenging. It can also take a long time. Many spouses find they have to communicate throughout, which can be the last thing they want to do. They may find themselves bursting out into frustration and conflict every time they speak to their spouse. This may be a natural reaction, but it is not healthy or helpful to the process. Here are 6 tips for avoiding arguments Read More

How Divorce Can Affect Adult Children

Most parents’ first consideration when getting a divorce is what will happen to their children. Divorce can be profoundly emotionally impactful on children. Over half of all marriages end in divorce, which means that plenty of parents are children of divorce themselves. They know how it feels. Some couples even hold off on a divorce until their children have gone through school and moved out of the house. For Read More

Tips on Being a Good Co-Parent Around the Holidays

The stress of the holidays. The stress of being newly divorced and a co-parent. What will happen when they collide? It’ll be manageable, we promise. You may experience varying degrees of stress, but you will make it through with these tips from Ahluwalia Law.  Review your parenting plan. Your parenting plan may be fresh in your mind or relegated to the recesses of your brain. Regardless, the colder weather Read More

Consider Mediating Your Divorce

The last few months sealed your spouse’s fate—you tried, and tried, and tried to work things out, but all that together time during the coronavirus pandemic laid bare the fact that you aren’t meant to be married anymore. However, you know from your friends’ stories what’s in store for you next: the shouting matches, airing of dirty laundry on Facebook, and everyone picking a side in a public court battle.  It Read More