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Child Support Order deliquency. What to do?

You have a child support order in your hand and you think the matter is settled. But now those payments are not being made, what can you do? More importantly when do you need to do it?

In the State of California, you need to wait until the payment is 30 days late before taking any action. After this benchmark you or an attorney can file and serve something called a Notice of Delinquency. This notice is sent to the other party to make them aware of the amounts due and the possible ramifications of not paying on time including the addition of interest on the overdue amount. If the amounts remains unpaid for 30 additional days you can file with the Court to obtain a judgement against the person. This judgement works very similarly to a civil judgement for order and allows the money to be collected using such things as wage garnishments.

An important agency to know about is the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). This agency is there to help the public with child support issues, such as obtaining an order, paternity suits and enforcement of orders. They help enforce orders issued by the Court by suspending driver licenses or professional licenses, levy on back accounts or contempt of Court proceedings all used at their discretion.

Know your rights when it comes to receiving child support because what you don’t know maybe costing you money.

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