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Common Family Law Questions

My ex is not paying court ordered child support. Can I refuse to let him see our child?


No. By law, your ex’s violation of the San Jose child support order does not give you the right to violate the custody and visitation order. It also works the other way around. If your ex refuses to let you see your child, you cannot simply stop making child support payments. You will only create problems for yourself by violating San Jose custody or child support orders in an attempt to force your ex to comply. A San Jose family law attorney can help you seek legal enforcement of custody and/or support orders.

I cannot afford an attorney, but need a divorce.  What can I do?

You may want to consider  limited scope representation. When you choose limited scope representation with Madan Ahluwalia of Ahluwalia Law P.C., rather than full legal representation, you do some of the work yourself.  But you still get support and g

uidance from a San Jose Family Law Lawyer. This process saves you money and you choose how much or how little you take on yourself and how much we do for you.

I cannot afford to pay spousal support. Is there anything I can do besides stop paying?

Yes, we can help you with modification of support orders for spousal support and child support in San Jose. If you can show that circumstances have changed, the court may lower or even terminate alimony payments.

If you have questions about San Jose family law, please call Madan Ahluwalia, San Jose family law attorney of Ahluwalia Law P.C., at (408) 416-3149 or contact us online today.