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Does the New Supreme Court Ruling Change CA Domestic Partnerships?

With the new Supreme Court ruling on the controversial Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and the overturning of Proposition 8 in July, many people are questioning what will happen to domestic partnerships in California.  Since same-sex marriage was legal in San Jose before Proposition 8, same-sex marriage is now legal again. Several couples had pursued domestic partnerships to get some of the same benefits that marriage provides. These couples are now questioning what kind of change the recent government rulings may have on their relationship.

Our San Jose family lawyer is available to discuss your domestic partnership and answer any questions about how changing legislation would impact your legal relationship and assets.

Changes in Domestic Partnership Laws

Many people that were in domestic partnerships are now pursuing same-sex marriage in San Jose. Since the federal government overturned the DOMA, the government no longer only recognizes marriage as the relationship between a man and a woman. This means that getting a marriage license in San Jose is now possible. However, in the state of California, registered domestic partners are excluded from certain benefits that are available to marriage.

United States Supreme Court

California Domestic Partnership Laws

While you can register as a domestic partner on the local level in San Jose, you will also still need to make sure that you are registered as a domestic partner in the state of California. In addition, changing laws have not removed the importance of legally protecting your relationship and assets. Entering any legally binding relationship is difficult, particularly when there are children and/or valuable assets present in the relationship.

San Jose Family Law Attorney

Our San Jose family law attorney, Madan Ahluwalia of Ahluwalia Law P.C,. can answer any questions that you may have about domestic partnerships and help you if you enter or dissolve a domestic partnership. We are also available if you are interested in changing your domestic partnership to a marriage in the state of California. Call us at (408) 416-3149 or contact us online today.