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How is Property Divided in a Divorce?

The rules for property division in a San Jose divorce vary greatly from state-to-state. California follows the doctrine of community property and divides that property equally between the parting spouses or domestic partners. That  sounds pretty straightforward, but the San Jose property division process can become very complicated. A San Jose divorce lawyer can help.

Although the idea of dividing everything in half does not sound complicated, each item ofDivision of property property must be characterized as either separate or community property, and the value of each item in the community property estate must be determined. Madan Ahluwalia, San Jose family law attorney of Ahluwalia Law P.C., can help you understand this process and what you need to do to protect yourself and your legal rights.

If you and your spouse can come to a fair property division agreement without getting the court involved, that is the best route to take in most cases. However, in some San Jose divorces, a spouse may try to hide property or be dishonest about the value of an item. One thing that a San Jose divorce attorney can do  is help find any hidden property.

To learn more about property division and other aspect of divorce law in California, please call Madan Ahluwalia, San Jose divorce attorney of Ahluwalia Law P.C., at (408) 416-3149 or contact us online today.