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We Offer Exceptional Legal Services, But Don’t Take Our Word for It | Real Client Testimonials

Choosing an attorney is one of the most important, and difficult, decisions that you will need to make. An attorney is responsible for helping you through some of the most difficult events in your life. Madan Ahluwalia has well over a decade of experience practicing law, speaks four languages, and has helped thousands of people with a variety of family law issues. He knows, however, that experience isn’t everything. To really know the quality of an attorney, the best place to look is previous clients. The following are actual testimonials from real clients that Madan has helped over the years. Read through what they have to say and see if you think he would be a good fit for your case.

Raja is extremely knowledgeable in matters relating to immigration law and provides guidance more as a friend than just somebody completing a business transaction. I have turned to him time again for immigration matters.

Rohit G.

I am an attorney in the Bay Area with more than two decades of experience in corporate law and civil litigation. When came time to get immigration papers filed for my wife who was resident of India at the time, I chose Raja among all many other immigration lawyers I know personally. It turned out to be a very good decision. He handled my wife’s immigration petition flawlessly from beginning to end. His work was through, efficient and timely. I was quite impressed by his professionalism and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others for immigration related work.

Mukesh A., Owner, Law Offices of Mukesh Advani.

Siliconeer hired Mr. Ahluwalia for a labor certification visa and H1B visa. He handled both the petitions efficiently and got the job done without problems. He is quick to respond, listens well and gives honest legal advise – what the (legal) possibilities are – not what you want to hear. I would recommend Mr. Ahluwalia whole-heartedly!!

Ashok Gupta.

Madan helped us with our living trust setup and was very thorough in his job. He is punctual and offers services with a smile. He got our job done within 2 hours and the fees were very reasonable. He is always available and highly dependable.

Pavana J.

Madan(Raja) is a great attorney and he has worked with our Company Global Info tech Corporation for many years. He is very efficient,reliable,and produces great results. He is easy to work with and responds in timely manner. We have been very happy to work with him. He has been cost effective for our company. I would recommend him very highly.

Atul Sharma, President & CEO.

I have known Madan for over eight years now and he has provided professional and competent service to my company when we needed it.

Prithvi K.

I hired Madan Ahluwalia and he provided by far the best service – not only that he would go out of his way to give me great guidance and come up with creative ideas to tackle my difficult legal problems. I would recommend him in a heart-beat. Second to none, Madan Ahluwalia is one of the best in his industry.

Kurt G.

I have known Madan (Raja) Ahluwalia for over five years now. He has been immensely well-informed and helpful in various legal and related matters. Rather than beating around the bush, he believes in “telling it like it is”, a refreshing quality. I have always felt he and his team have my best intentions in mind in any interaction. I recommend him as an effective source of legal advice.

Prasad G.

I was looking for a competent attorney to handle a sensitive and an urgent business issue with one of our client – one that required someone to mitigate the crisis without making it any more worse. The matter was legally complex; mired with conflicts, contract duress, positions, and emotions of all sorts. Madan Ahluwalia came highly recommended by one of our partners. I have found him to be highly effective in matters of corporate law, contracts, depositions, and agreements. Madan’s expertise proved extremely valuable at winning the trust of our client and in resolving the matter amicably. I personally found him candid and independent and continue to seek his advice on ongoing business contracts and negotiations.

Arvind Jain, President, Sesame Capital, Inc.

Madan has provided our company with timely legal advice on immigration related matters. He is refreshingly candid and has the ability to present facts & guidance in a clear concise fashion. I gladly recommend him.

Ines K.

Madan handled a complex case for us,and delivered results on time, and within the budget that we had agreed to.

Vajid J.

Madan has exceptional knowledge on H1 Visa and Green cards processing. I would vote him as the best lawyer in valley with whom I have worked with in past and would like to avail his services in future if needed to.

Raj Sahu.

Mr Madan Ahulwalia,
• Has provided great service to me .
• He has been on top of things .
• He was very professional –and knows his work really well in depth.
• He is trustworthy and I have rec om ended him to some of my other friends as I have been happy with his work.

Nanik A.

Raja is an immigration lawyer who is empathetic to people needs. He advises and navigates his clients through immigration related hurdles and complexities with consummate ease and compassion. He is extremely candid about the way forward and does the best each time because to him each individual’s case strikes a personal chord. Their success or lack of it affects him personally which I know from personal experience. I have immensely benefited from his professional advice and support. His advice extended beyond the immediate transaction on hand, to a bigger picture approach which helped me make the right decision. He is now a trusted and valued friend.

Adi R.

Madan has provided our company with timely legal advice on immigration related matters. He is refreshingly candid and has the ability to present facts & guidance in a clear concise fashion. I gladly recommend him.

Brian Bartholomeusz, VP, Applied Quantum Technology.

Madan is reliable, professional and extremely knowledgeable and knows his work very well relating to immigration law and provides guidance just like a best friend. He makes his clients feel comfortable and really cool guy to work with. Thanks to Madan for doing community service on air 1170AM every Saturday 9am-10am. Great show every time. I have taken advice a lot of times and am really impressed by his professionalism and would recommend him to others for immigration related work.

Suresh S.

I have known Madan for several years. He is a very competent attorney and has handled several business issues of varying levels of legal complexity. He has been very effective in matters of corporate law as well as personal immigration issues. He is very personable, easy to work with and responsive. I would highly recommend Madan Ahluwalia.

Alok Bhanot.

I’ve sought the professional advice of Madan on several occasions. Initially, I had Madan help me with Immigration matters for which he was extremely knowledgeable and the advice he had given me was crucial. I received a favorable decision by INS on my application and I credit Madan for his hard work and patience. Mad an also performs Business Law and he helped me navigate the difficult steps in forming my corporation, answering all my questions and returning all my calls and e-mails promptly. I would definitely seek his advice in any future plans that would require the attention of an Attorney.

Rommel Hindocha.

I would highly recommend Madan’s services for people who are deciding on an attorney for legal services. He is a very great professional and I have found him to be a very good listener and brings great attention to the case details. I had meager hopes, if any, from a disastrous auto accident where the other at-fault driver ran into me, breaking traffic signal with no license or insurance to support my personal injury/damages. Given the complexity of the case and the series of medical personal/ insurance parties involved, his negotiation skills across multiple vendors helped us bag me the highest possible claim!I also found his services and staff to be very personable and extremely reasonable from a pricing standpoint and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors and would be willing to re-hire him for my future needs!

Naveed Akbar.

I have worked with Madan in doing volunteer work with the community and have also had the opportunity to get to know him over the past couple of years. He has always appeared to me to be a sharp, honest man who cares about the community. All of those qualities make for a great lawyer.

Ash Kalra, Councilmember, City of San Jose.

Madan Ahluwalia is our family attorney. I have consulted him for family, business and real estate related issues on more than one occasion for advise. He has always given practical advise. He has guided me step through step through the legalities of starting a small business. He has helped through all of the issues that arise while operating and maintaining a small business. Whenever I have needed his help, I am truly confident that he is there to help and guide with a true caring behind his work. Caring, professional, knowledgeable, with excellent guidance and excellent customer service is the only way I can describe my experience with Madan Ahluwalia & his law firm.

Harrit B.

Madan Ahluwalia is an outstanding attorney, whose professionalism and knowledge base in Foreclosure Defense, is unparalleled in this industry. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Madan on a couple of his cases and his attention to detail and tenacity in getting his clients taken care of is what makes him an outstanding resource to utilize. Madan will go above and beyond the scope of most Foreclosure Defense Attorneys in uncovering ALL the facts surrounding a clients case. I am blessed to have worked with Madan in this capacity and look forward to working with him, for years to come.

Billy B., Director of Training / National Account Executive, Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC.

I have known Madan for two years. He is a thorough professional with a deep understanding of his audience and its requirements. As an attorney he is very knowledgeable, accessible and prompt in his response. As a peer, he is very helpful and kind and goes out of his way to encourage others. He is open to adapting and improving his skills, and has an admirable attitude. I strongly recommend Madan.

Dola D., Student, Santa Clara University School of Law.